A Time to Heal & a Time to Grow

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th April

The workshop on Saturday will provide a safe space in which issues about which we have strong feelings can be expressed and explored openly together. The facilitators, John Hughes and Liz Smith, members of Reverend Doctor Russ Parker’s 2Restore Team, have extensive experience of helping churches through times of conflict, here and in the United States.

John and Liz will set out a theological framework in which those issues which have troubled us since the PCC’s decision about the Christmas services can be discussed.

The workshop will be followed on Sunday morning by a United Service of Blessing.

We hope and pray that everyone who cares passionately about the life of our church will give priority to this unique opportunity to come together and hear one another’s deepest concerns so that God can bring healing. The more people who contribute to the conversation, the better will be the outcome. Your church needs to hear from you.

‘A Time to Heal and a Time to Grow’ will be the second stage of the listening process which began in January with the questionnaire. The analysis of this is available for you to read in a folder at the back of the church. We thank all those who filled in a questionnaire. Please be assured that all your views have been listened to and are being prayerfully considered.