News from Sierra Leone

I am a serving Colonel in the Army and returned this year from Sierra
Leone where I was employed by the MoD supporting DFID fight the
Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

During my time in Sierra Leone I was introduced to the St George centre
just outside Freetown (the capital). From my first visit to the St George
Foundation I was immediately hooked by the passion and work ethic of
those who work with the children and those that support the centre.

At first sight, Sierra Leone can seem a frenetic place and against this
background is St George, which provides a safe and caring environment
for vulnerable children to live and excel. Many of the kids at St George,
during my time in Sierra Leone, were orphaned as a result of the Ebola

However, we must remember that Sierra Leone is one of the poorest
countries in the world and life expectancy is low, therefore this sadly
generates a lot of orphaned children that need care and support. Without
St George many of these kids would be living on the street, vulnerable
and at risk. St George is one of only two official registered Interim Care
Centres (ICC) in Sierra Leone, so St George is important to Sierra Leone
and having seen the work of St George close up I know it really makes a
difference to children’s lives.

I made it my mission when I returned to the UK to be part of the St
George Foundation because I witnessed in Sierra Leone that St George
was force for good. The care centre provides safety, education, food,
shelter, and clothes for the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone. It
reunifies orphaned children with relatives and most importantly it offers
hope for those at most at risk and vulnerable – children. I worked closely
with St George in Sierra Leone and I am continuing that activity from the
UK where, with your support, we can help to deliver the betterment and
improvement to the St George Foundation.

St George Foundation is a great charity and one all its members should be
proud of. I see this as a ‘club’ where everyone has a responsibility and an
opportunity for improving the lives of orphaned children in Sierra Leone.

Your support, no matter how large or small makes a difference;
everything matters where it really counts, in Sierra Leone.