LIFE Exhibition 2015

The LIFE Exhibition is an educational experience with active learning opportunities. Using ipad tablet technology, with text, graphics, DVD and sound, the exhibition is a ‘hands on’ interactive learning experience.

The ‘LIFE Expo’ is divided into three distinct areas.

  • An introduction, which includes a short talk and DVD.
  • The ‘Zones‘; in which panelled areas present the historic roots, teachings, miracles, death & resurrection of Jesus. Children interact using an ipod tablet in these areas.
  • ‘Life Café’. This gives an opportunity to summarise and bring a final challenge about what the children have seen, while they are enjoying a drink and biscuit.
  • Volunteers are needed to complete the team!
    there is a variety of jobs – Set-up and Dismantle; Car Park ‘Meet and Greet’; Zone Guides; Cafe Workers; General Helpers; Technical Workers. Training will be given to all volunteers.

  • October 19th LIFE Expo training evening
  • November 8th (afternoon/evening) Set Up LIFE Expo
  • November 15th (morning) Dismantle and pack away