Financial Support for St Peter’s Titchfield.

Why Does St Peter’s Need your Help?

Like all Church of England churches, St Peter’s Church is entirely self-funding. We are stewards of something quite special: our faith, our church, our resources.
This is a small parish, and our commitments to spreading the gospel, outreach, supporting our link church in Ghana, providing our parish share to the Portsmouth Diocese for paid clergy and maintaining the building, do not come cheaply.

This is where you can help.

Different Forms of Giving.
There are three different forms of giving:

1.Standing Orders.

Giving directly from an individual’s bank account on a regular basis to the church’s bank account.
It is necessary to make a signed Declaration to put this in place, which gives the donors name, address, date when the giving is to start, the amount and details of the donor’s bank account. Giving can be made on a monthly,quarterly or annual basis.

2. Blue Envelopes

Giving regularly by cash or cheque suits those who may not have a bank account or simply do not wish to feel quite so tied. Again a Pledge is made to give a stated amount each week or month or quarter,and is similar to a Declaration except no bank details are necessary.
Numbered blue envelopes are allocated to an individual who puts them in the collection during a service in church. It is not necessary to attend church each week as you can fill the envelope every week at home and then bring all your filled ones next time you are able to come to church.
These envelopes can be found in the Church.

3.Yellow Envelopes

If you come to church occasionally or wish to give irregularly and you are a tax payer,and wish the church to reclaim tax on your gift then you should use a yellow envelope, which can be found on each pew. All you have to do is put your gift in the envelope, complete the details on the front of the envelope and put it into the collection.This means of gifting is mainly for one-off gifts.

If you wish to know more, then contact our Stewardship Recorder whose details are shown below.

Remembering St Peter’s in Your Will

You can find out about leaving a legacy for St Peters here

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government sponsored and approved scheme to enable tax effective giving by individuals to charities in the UK. Originally introduced in the Finance Act 1990, it has been revised substantially several times , and continues to be revised regularly. Gift Aid allows the nominated charity to claim back from HMRC income tax already paid by the donor at the current basic rate of tax for the direct benefit of the charity.

By definition gift aid can only be reclaimed from income, not from any donation made from capital. Giving can be in the form of a standing order on a bank, by cheque or in cash. Changes of address, bank, or in the gift, to increase and decrease, or to stop, can be made but should be notified to the Stewardship Recorder in writing

Stewardship Recorder  David Mugford   01329 667783