Remembering St Peter’s in Your Will

It would be good to think that everyone has made a will , because by doing so, the person has made a choice to whom or to where his earthly assets may be disposed after death. For some, it may not be possible to give when they are alive, but worldly commitments cease at death and this may then be the time when money might be given to St Peter’s. There would be no harm in stating a preference for how the gift is spent. Remembering St Peter’s in your will is a good way to help develop the ministry and mission of our church. You can do this by including in your will which simply says you wish to leave a legacy of £xxx to a charity, giving the name of the charity, the registered charity number and the address of the charity.

For St Peter’s this is:
Parochial Church Council of St Peter’s Titchfield, registered number 1131773;
c/o Church Office,
St Peter’s Church,
Church Street,
Titchfield ,
Hants P014 4AG