Parish Giving Scheme


A new scheme, known as the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), has this year been made available for parishes in this diocese to use. This leaflet explains the principal features of the scheme, and then you will be able to decide whether it is suitable for you to adopt, either to replace an existing bank standing order, or regular giving using a brown envelope, or even to replace regular giving using a yellow envelope. These existing means of giving will remain in place for those who wish to continue using them. This new scheme is another option.

The main features of the PGS are:
– giving can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
– giving can be increased in line with inflation on an annual increment basis
– gift aid can be recovered monthly rather than periodically
– the scheme is administered centrally by a charity office in Gloucester
– the charity will pay St Peter’s the sum of all the giving plus the 25% gift aid element on the 10th day of the month
– the church sees its income smoothed out, cash flow is improved, and income rises to meet rising costs without you doing anything more.

How does it work? Simply, you, the giver, enter into a direct debit arrangement with the PGS, which is a registered charity, to give a sum on the first day of the calendar month. You will be asked five questions: how much you wish to give; whether monthly, quarterly or annually; whether you are a tax payer or not; whether you wish your gift to be inflation linked annually on the anniversary of your first gift; and lastly, do you wish to donate anonymously.

The key points are:
1. Does it suit your personal financial circumstances to give on the first day of the month? There is no alternative day.
2. Can you give every month, quarter or annually without making life difficult for yourself? Think about those bills and how you pay them. Do you need to miss occasionally to meet your commitments?
3. Donors will receive a letter of confirmation stating the start date of their donation, which will be the signal to cancel any existing standing order. But in the event of a double payment, you will be refunded one payment.

If you wish to join the scheme or even just see the application forms, please collect a copy of the Parish Giving Scheme Pack A (available at the back of the church), and, if proceeding, collect a copy of the Parish Giving Scheme Pack B (available from the parish office or from the Stewardship Recorder).

It would help the church to know if you have joined the PGS so we have some idea what to be looking for, especially if your giving is on a 3 or 12 month basis, and we would ask if you would please let the Stewardship Recorder know.

If you need any further help or advice, please contact our Stewardship Recorder  John Parry   via Church Office  01329 847003