Anyone who is familiar with the kneelers in Titchfield Church, and how magnificent they look when set up on the pew rails, will know that they convey a story of imagination, dedication and personal contribution. Anyone who has been in the church during the Summer Show in August will be aware. At the time of the project, no formal record with details of each kneeler existed, although a photographic record was prepared but not completed.
Some twenty years later, there now exists a work of reference on all 280 or so kneelers, fully illustrated and in colour, with all information that could be collected during 2014-15. Moreover, details of the original project and its progress are included. Researched and edited by David Mugford and presented by Bryan Dunleavy, this book, entitled ‘The Kneeler Project’, is now available at £12 per copy. There have been many complimentary remarks made about the book, its attractiveness and interest to anyone with involvement and connections with Titchfield and its church.
This book would make an attractive present, or simply to have on your own bookshelf. If you are interested in buying a copy, please contact David (01329-667783 and leave a message if needs be), or place an enquiry with the church office (01329-847003). He will be pleased to receive your call.