Prayer Diary for the week

Our weekly Prayer Diary gives particular topics to include in your prayers during this week.
You may also like this Reflective Service for worship in isolation.(click here to view)
The daily readings for this month can be found here

The church continues to be open from 11.00 am until 1.00 pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
but there will no longer be stewards on duty to remind visitors of the need for social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

Thank you to all those who have acted as stewards these last few months, and provided a friendly, welcoming face in the cold of the unheated church.

As soon as restrictions are lifted, extended opening hours will be announced.

Our Prayer for the Church
We are not people of fear: we are people of courage.
We do not help only ourselves: we help our neighbours.
We are not people of greed: we are people of generosity.
We are your people, God,
giving and loving wherever we are, whatever it costs, for as long as it takes.

Members of St Peter’s Prayerline invite you to join them whenever you can as they continue to set aside a few minutes every evening at 8.00 pm to pray for the needs of parishioners and especially those who suffer as a result of the Covid pandemic.

God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG)

Lord, you are our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in times of trouble.
Help us, when hope seems lost,
to keep our eyes fixed on you.

Sunday Worship

8.10am Sunday Worship on Radio 4
(this has been particularly commended by several of our congregation)
9:00am Parish Eucharist in the Church. This service will be streamed live, and a recording posted later, on our homepage. The order of service is available on our homepage.
9.00am Eucharist from Bishopsgrove on and later available on
1.15pm Songs of Praise on BBC 1
3.00pm Choral Evensong on Radio 3

Daily Prayers

9.00 am Tuesday & Thursday Pray at home, with “A Reflective Service for Worship in Isolation.” Print the order of service here
Free at any time Telephone ‘Daily Hope’ 0800 804 8044 for prayers, reflections and hymns
9.45 am Morning Service on Radio 4. (Long Wave)
8.00 pm St Peter’s Prayerline ~ Please join your fellow parishioners every day, at this time, praying for all who are fighting Covid-19.